Free Online Courses

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), the pandemic has disrupted every single business. Every student, every working professional, including daily wage earners, business houses, institutions, universities and even the economy at large is facing one of the biggest crises. It has also disrupted Education so much so that more than 1.5 billion students, the World over are affected and have been confined to their homes. In India almost 38 Million students in Higher education have been facing difficulties completing their curriculum.

In its quest to ease the pain of COVID 19, KL University is leading the civil society in Andhra Pradesh with aggressive social-distancing mitigation measures. We are now obliging students to finish current-term academic coursework online. We do not believe that online learning is a second or third-rate substitute for in-person delivery.

As our students and professors converge online, we don’t just reach for makeshift solutions. We will ensure our students learn something useful. We have moved classes to the internet and online delivery with award of credits similar to conventional education. Hence through our mission we urge everyone to make use of the facility.

Through this initiative, we expect, to minimize the impact of the COVID-19, outbreak on every student or learner. Staying Connected Online is not only the need of the hour, in fact, the future is online learning and online business.

In line with our social mission, we are offering free online courses to every learner or student or working professional who seeks such assistance. All that is required is to select the required course and register for the same.

After registration to free courses of Category A (Refer the course list while registering), the students can access various learning resources through the learning managements system as part of a self-paced learning. Students can attend free webinars as per scheduled calendar on website for the respective courses. The webinars are delivered through our experts, We also enable the learners to interact and clear their doubts if any.

Students registering for Category B courses, have an option to attend free webinars as per the scheduled calendar, thereby seeking guidance on the course and seek clarifications if any.

Students successfully completing the course in categories, either A or B based on assessment and evaluation, will be given a certificate of completion. The credits assigned to the course can be utilised by the student if he/she registers for any other program in future with KL University. Students are also open to register for multiple courses at one time.

Students are advised to note that completion of these courses will not entail any of them to the award of either a Degree or a Diploma.

Accessing the Free Course:

  • Sign up for Free
  • Students would receive a mail from KL University with user id and password for accessing the free course
  • The students need to complete their free courses till 25th June 2020.
  • In case of queries please connect on mail with or